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Precision Agriculture
  • Differentiation by environmental site specific for crop management.

  • Using of satellital guidances.

  • Nutritional soil maps of N, P and K about crop uptakes.

  • Fertilization and agrochemical management.

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Agricutural tests
  • Agricultural research, based on field tests and experiments.

  • Phytosanitary product tests (efficacy research on crops for insecticides, fungicides and herbicides). Alternative control methods.

  • Implamenting crop frut trees tests. Varieties, irrigation, fertilization and effectiveness of hormonal products. 

Ancla 2
  • Enterpreneurship: Business models by Lean Canvas, Value Proposition, Business Administration.

  • Agriculture: Pest Integrated management, irrigation, crop manegement, fertilization, urban horticulture and hydroponic.

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Agricultural Management
  • Legal advice of enterprise, activities initiation and simple accounting management.

  • Marketing, Value proposition and product prototypes.

  • Trading management of products.

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Innovation & Business
  • Prototyping of new agrucultural products. 

  • Lean Canvas methodology.

  • Market validation tests and developing value proposition.

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Irrigation systems
  • Analysis, designing, installation, supply and constructing of irrigation systems.

  • Monitoring of fluxes using telemetry

  • Irrigation Projects by law 18.450

  • CNR consultans register N° 532

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